Unit Chain of Command

Cadet Resources May 14, 2022

The division unit chain of command

Consists of a number of volunteer positions that are assigned by the CO (commanding officer).


Position Person Contact
Commanding Officer (CO) Robert Morgan, LT, USNSCC co@marylanddivision.org
Executive Officer (XO) Matthew J. Castro, MAJ, USMC (RET) xo@marylanddivision.org
Operations/Military Drill Officer Bernard Quibilan, MCPO, USN (retired),USNSCC
Administrative Officer (AO) Karla Altamirano, INST, USNSCC admin@marylanddivision.org
Public Affairs Officers(PAO) Robert I. Morgan, LT, USNSCC / Maryjoe A. Phillips, LTJG, USNSCC public.affairs@marylanddivision.org
Supply Officer (SO) Maryjoe A. Phillips, LTJG, USNSCC supply@marylanddivision.org
Training Officer Jone Taylor, ENSN, USNSCC jtaylor@marylanddivision.org
Physical Fitness Officer Roger Burdette, INST, USNSCC
Recruiting Officer Jenny Sargent, INST, USNSCC recruiting@marylanddivision.org


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